The Top Benefits of Independent Living

  • By James Sheridan
  • 08 Mar, 2016
Most often there comes a point in life when we are forced to revise our living arrangement. Independent living is a good option for those above the age of 55. It allows the senior citizens to lead an untroubled life with other individuals belonging to similar age groups.

Read on to find out why independent living in Topeka KS is a good choice for the aging.

Convenient and Carefree

Independent living options do not demand any maintenance routines from the residents. There is no necessity to worry about mowing the lawn or repairing an appliance while living in this type of a facility. The management takes care of all the needs and the related costs are included within the rental package.

A Good Chance to Socialize
No shortage for entertainment will be faced as independent retirement living in Topeka KS offers a number of activities like movie nights, festive celebrations and other social events, on the campus and in the local community. Since people living in the facility share a lot of common social and psychological factors building a rapport with one another are easy and enjoyable.

Top Class Security and Care
Independent living facilities are well-protected from any potential threat 24/7. They offer instant access to medical help in the case of emergencies and nurses are available throughout for any kind of assistance.

Affordable Packages
Modern living spaces equipped with top class amenities make independent living the best option for living alone or co-living with the spouse. Prices are affordable and some centers also provide access to spas, pools and fitness centers. They are impeccable in creating a home-like ambience and ensuring a peaceful stay for anyone in the right age.

By James Sheridan 06 Feb, 2017

The decision of moving your aged Mom or Dad into a nursing home is a tough and emotional process. However, you want to provide them the best possible care that you can. This requires significant research and involvement to make sure that they do not suffer in the future. Is there any best place for elderly people to accomplish their needs and requirements with good care?  Yes, senior nursing care in Topeka KS involves major changes in retired people by providing proper care at appropriate time.

Here are some important tips to ensure when you think about finding options for nursing home/senior living home in Topeka KS for your elderly parents…

  • At first, make sure that the selected nursing home is accepting new patients now; if so know about the waiting period for the admission.
  • Verify that whether the nursing home is Medicare certified.
  • Confirm that the nursing home specialize in the disease that your parents suffer from. For eg. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke etc..
  • Make sure that the facility does not have any complaints or lawsuits.
  • Be familiar with the visiting hours of the nursing home.
  • Check out the surrounding areas to ensure they are clean, peaceful and comfortable.
  • Ensure that the nursing home has the pleasant dining room, hygienic food menu and special dietary needs.
  • Check whether the facility has full security and 24 hours emergency provisions.
So, when it comes to approaching a parent about making a move to the nursing home, initially it may be harder to listen. Later, you may think that placing them in a nursing home is the most loving act that a child can do for elderly people! Special note: Don’t forget to visit your parents on a regular basis, and call them when you can't. Let them know they are not forgotten. Keep them involved in your life as much as possible, especially if you live nearby.
By James Sheridan 03 Feb, 2017

Need help in doing some of the everyday activities like showering, dressing, getting walk around the home and etc. at your older age? Assisted living facility may be the right answer for you. It is a domestic option for the senior people who want help from others in most of the daily living activities. On the other hand, finding the right assisted living facilities in Topeka KS is one of the most important tasks that you stumble across in your life.

Here are some lists of other elements that must be checked before making a final decision…

Observe the level of Cleanliness

Observe the senior living environment to ensure whether the area feels fresh and clean. Have a talk with the staff and make sure to get full details on the types of maintenance, laundry procedures and housekeeping routines.

Pay attention to the staff friendliness

While choosing an assisted living facility, pay attention to the staff attitude and behaviors; whether they approach friendly with the elderly people. Meet the management team to understand their goals and preference towards quality care.

Try a meal once at the facility

The dining room experience plays a significant role to seniors. So, try a meal at least once during the visit to understand the level of hygiene and the quantity served. Not only it is a great way to sample the cuisine, but also it gives a chance to meet some of the residents in senior living communities Topeka KS.

Ensure safety and security

Know about the way how an emergency situation will be handled. And also make sure to ensure whether the senior living community is offering 100% safety and security for all the residents in the facility.

So, while choosing assisted living facilities keep these points in your mind and proceed the further processes. Choose the best one to ensure a safe, healthy and happy future!

By James Sheridan 02 Feb, 2017

Independent living is a type of senior living for those seniors who want to live independent and active. Most of the seniors like to live fairly at an independent living community in Topeka KS because they do not like to receive any help from other people in daily activities. Instead, they are also looking for socialization; they have interest in meeting new people and love to enjoy their senior years in retirement living Topeka KS.

Comparing to staying in their own home, we have highlighted some important benefits of independent living…

Maintenance and Worry-Free Living

You can find different living options in independent living community; either in apartments or single family homes within a community. Whatever your choice may be, the maintenance fee is in-built and this covers the outdoor and indoor maintenance.

Food and Commercial Services

If you are an independent living resident, you can prepare your own food and eat in the community’s dining room. You are guaranteed to feel right at home. Most of the retirement communities now offering housekeeping, ground keeping and maintenance services.

Entertainment and Socialization

If you have more interest in various social activities or hobbies, doesn’t worry still you have opportunity to enjoy your best. Almost all senior living community entertains you with many planned activities, classes and community outings.


  • Scheduled transportation services to banks, stores and physician offices
  • You can also drive your own cars, or use the community’s scheduled transportation services.
  So, find an independent living community in your dream location and get ready to enjoy your retirement living. Enjoy your retirement years!
By James Sheridan 31 Jan, 2017

What’s there to do all the day in an assisted living community? Naturally, it depends on your hobbies and activities. To keep your loved one’s life interesting and purposeful, senior living communities at Topeka KS have a wonderful opportunity to spice them up by holding systematic activities. Many communities provide high priority for social events & activities; and also find the way to keep their residents engaged with one another in the community.

Here mentioned are few of the interesting ways to keep seniors stay socially active in assisted living communities…

Scheduled Events and Activities

Through scheduled events and activities in assisted living, seniors should find a whole new world. All their activities including movie nights, games, dining and outings/shopping will keep you busy in life.

Fitness Classes

Most of the assisted living communities offer a variety of fitness classes or programs to improve resident’s health and well-being. Participating in yoga classes not only keeps baby-boomers physically healthy, but also cling to social active too.


As a golden ager, elderly’s may have many hobbies in their life including paintings, collecting, writing, and etc. No matter whatever it is, you can still enjoy their leisure time in assisted living facilities.

Time to visit family members

Moving to assisted living doesn’t mean that the elders will never see their family members again! Family members are also encouraged to visit the elders often and can join an awesome dinner to interact with them.

When you are looking for assisted living facilities in Topeka KS , choose the one that offers various cultural events and social activities. Because, they can create an excellent platform for the residents to socialize, to explore and to stay active!

By James Sheridan 25 Dec, 2016
Can assisted living be any fun? That depends on how you see things. Rather than dealing leading a guarded life, participating in recreational activities can bust depression and reduce the risk of health problems. To help fight frustrated feelings and have the time of your life at an assisted living facility , here are some great ideas to implement.

1. Wellness & Fitness

Long term care and wellness can be ensured when you keep your body moving. By taking part in personalized wellness programs and other activities such as yoga and Tai Chi, stress can be effectively relieved and physical fitness can be maintained.

2.  Walking Clubs

Some of them prefer walking outdoors in the park, while others prefer indoors. Advocacy walks shall also be organized to raise funds for some good cause.

3. Pet Therapy

Most assisted living facilities arrange for pets such as guinea pigs, cats dogs and fish in tanks, as pet care is considered therapeutic.

4. Performance Art

Karaoke, singing, dancing, flash mob… the list goes on. People who are blessed with the right skills can encourage other residents to take part.

5. Computer Courses

Those who are familiarized with digital technology and computers can offer courses for others who are interested. Devices such as iPads can be used to help those with cognitive impairment.

6. Cooking Class

People who have a knack for cooking can spend their time learning new recipes and learn more on different cuisines.

7. Cultural Outings

Vans and buses shall be arranged by the center to visit museums and other tourist attractions.

The recreational activities mentioned above can make life at an assisted living facility more enjoyable and colorful. You could even bring in your own ideas and implement them to impart fun for other residents as well.
By James Sheridan 24 Dec, 2016

Elders often prefer to stay at homes. But, neighborhood has changed over the course of the years and they are no longer safe. When they are alone home, they might not get the care they need. Despite the elders are reluctant at first to move into an independent living facility, they’d later be thrilled about it. Why? That’s because of the following benefits independent living facilities offer.

1.  Safety : Independent living facilities deploy measures that ensure safety and security of residents and staffs. The fact that so many people live around within the area is enough to keep residents safe.

2. Meals : Assisted living centers offer different variety of foods for residents and even better, they can have company to socialize while having their meal. Communal dining can keep seniors healthy and active unlike sitting at home and having meals alone in front of the TV.

3. Transportation : Most of the independent living centers offer transportation facilities to let residents take part in community events or spend some time shopping. For those seniors who don’t have the ability to drive on their own, independent living facility can be of great help to them.

4. Socializing : Socialization is in fact the most important reason why seniors end up enjoying independent living facilities. When they leave alone, anxiety and depression might take them over, which can possibly lead to health problems. Having social exposure is a feel good factor and makes their stay more fun.

These benefits prove how independent living facilities in Topeka, KS create a good difference to senior living.
By James Sheridan 23 Dec, 2016

Finding an ideal assisted living facility for your loved one can be quite challenging. While choosing one, you’d want to make sure that your loved care would be given enough care and attention just as they would get at home. To ensure they live a comfortable life, have a look at the following tips to discover the best assisted living facility near you.

1. Cost : While there is no doubt that everyone would want their elderly to stay at the best place, pay attention to your budget as well. Check if your state public programs cover the bill or you’d want to consider your insurance policy.

2. Coverage : Ensure you get what you pay for. This includes essentials such as meals, medicines and other basic supplies such as diapers. Any additional services availed would rack up costs, probably exceeding your budget.

3. Nursing Care : Find out if medication and care are offered by certified practical nurses. It is important to have professionals taking care of your loved one, so that their health is not put at risk.

4. Supervision : It is wise to choose an assisted living facility that executes frequent supervision on residents. See how they handle different emergency situations when someone is sick or if there’s a fire outbreak.

5. Facilities for Special Conditions : If, for instance your loved one has Alzheimer’s, you must look out for assisted living centers with special facilities that offer extra care and attention.

Follow these tips to find the most reliable assisted living facility in Topeka, Kansas . Residing your loved one at the best facility will give you guaranteed peace of mind as your elderly experiences great warmth and care.
By James Sheridan 22 Dec, 2016

Everyone’s aware of the fact that the elderly are prone to different kinds of diseases as they age. To lead a healthy and happy life, it is important to take good care of your diet and fitness. Executing few changes to their lifestyle can create positive differences to their lives. Here are some tips for the elderly to lead a long, healthy senior living .

1.     Healthy Food:

Feed your body not just with any food, but nutritious and vitamin rich foods that keeps you active and healthy. Just as a car wouldn’t function efficiently when fed with an incorrect fuel, your body will also require a healthy, balanced diet to keep it hale and hearty.

2.     Drink Plenty of Water:

Major portion of our body is filled with water, which means that it is important to have plenty of water and water based drinks such as skimmed milk, coconut water, juices and soups. It is also recommended to have foods that are rich in water content such as cucumber, cabbage, apple and others.

3.     Stay Active:

To stay away from health problems, you need to remain active. Muscle mass in our body tend to reduce as we age. In order to keep muscle mass consistent, one must adopt regular exercise routines. Doing so can reduce the risk of medical conditions including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and more.

4.     Avoid Smoking:

There’s hardly anyone who knows the health hazards imposed by smoking. Nevertheless, most seniors continue to do so. Smoking not just affects your heart, but develops fine wrinkles on your face as well.

Apart from the above tips, regular medical checkups must not be forgotten. Plus, positive thinking helps a lot to lead a healthy and happy senior living .
By James Sheridan 14 Dec, 2016

Choosing retirement homes Topeka Kansas isn’t as easy as it seems. For some, this is a decision taken in haste while some plan it years in advance. Whatever the case may be, you need to be extra cautious while picking a living facility for yourself or a loved one. It is better you plan at least a couple of years in advance so that you can provide the best possible care for yourself. Here are some reasons why you need to pay attention to the kind of assisted living you choose:

This is where you will be spending the rest of your life : You will be staying at the assisted living facilities Topeka Kansas for the remainder of your life. It is important to ensure that you go with a living facility that brings peace and some form of stability into your life.

Care and help : As you grow older, your needs and requirements change. You may need help more often. Plus, you are now more prone to various kinds of ailments. Naturally, you should have a team of trained experts who can help you out.

By James Sheridan 14 Dec, 2016
Are you paying a visit to a senior living facility that you really liked? Well, it is extremely important to see the place in person and speak to the people living there. More than that, there are certain things you need to check, which have been provided below. Remember, this is where you would be spending the rest of your life. Here are five things you need to check before you select the assisted living facilities Topeka Kansas :

Cleanliness: This is a major problem when it comes to retirement homes. They aren’t always clean and hygienic. When you pay a visit to the senior living facility, check how clean the facilities are and how often they clean the place.

Enough facilities: Since you’re getting older, you are going to need more help then you did when you were younger. Make sure the senior living home in Topeka KS has enough staff that are dedicated to your welfare.

Low staff turnover rate: If the turnover rate for staff members is low, it means the senior living home consists largely of experienced and trained people who are more than equipped to provide a dedicated service.

Abuse policy: You MUST check for the abuse policy at the senior living home. You must have heard of cases where the residents are abused by either the authorities or even between the residents themselves. The living facility you choose must have a stringent policy in place.

Suitable environment: All in all, the living facility that you choose to go with should be able to provide you with an environment that is both mentally and emotionally stimulating.
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